Baby Shooting

Baby Shooting

  • Brand Name Leon Amusement
  • Dimension(W*D*H) 1600*800*1800
  • Voltage 110/220V
  • Power 120W
  • Weight 120kg
  • Tags redemption machine,basketball machine,kids game machine
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How to play

- insert coin(s) and press the start button (press the PK button for competition games mode);
- player shoots the balls into the hoops to win higher scores to win tickets or pass next level to win more tickets;
- the more basketballs in, the higher score you will get, the more tickets you will win;
- once player passing all four levels, there is a randomly chance for free play again


Baby shooting Basketball Machine for kids comes with a lovely basket board design, featuring with a structure can be folded down for convenient onto friendly transportation, easy to install,time-saving and labor-saving, 
with movable hoop, 4 challenged levels, support 2 to 10 machines linked up games,attracts any kids from 4~12 years old

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